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Acoustic Wedding Band for the Wedding

What kinds of bands are usually booked for weddings? 

Wedding day is the most special day in one’s life, especially in a woman’s life. This calls for absolute perfection when it comes to that special day. From the catering service to the music for the wedding, everything needs to be right on point. Usually people do not know much about the types of music that are available so they just go with the conventional jazz music or maybe a simple DJ. You don’t need to be one of them. So, to enlighten you with the available band types this segment will briefly shed light on the common suitable bands for weddings. 


As the name shows, this category of music only features light music for an elegant wedding. This is ideal for background music throughout the function.  


The most commonly sought band, jazz. It is a sophisticated choice. They are also great option for a slow classy background music for the entire evening.  

Swing band 

The swing band is a little more upbeat than the ones mentioned before. This is a great choice if you want the guests to notice your music selection. 

Drum set 

These bands are rare for a wedding, but they are an option if you want to have something unique and different for your special day.  

Rock band 

Getting a rock band does not mean you’re going to turn your wedding into a function. There is a range of upbeat rock songs that aren’t inappropriate for a wedding. In fact, these songs will compel your guests to start tapping their feet with the beat.   

Acoustic band 

This is a more lively choice for a romantic wedding. Acoustic Wedding Bands would have 2-3 musicians and they can sing a wide range of songs that are ideal for a light background music. They provide a calming effect to the overall function.   

DJ vs Acoustic Band 

Whether you go for a DJ or an acoustic wedding band is entirely your choice. Both options have pros and cons, but a DJ is usually chosen based on some misconceptions about having a live acoustic band. Firstly, a live band is believed to have lesser variety of songs which is absolutely false because most acoustic bands are open to all types of songs, enough to last an entire evening without repeating the songs. While a DJ comes with an adjustable sound, live band gives the distinctive feeling of lively music. Some bands offer the option of roaming in the party while singing light music which adds a great touch to the overall evening. Lastly, it comes down to budget. A DJ costs less than a live band. This is because it is one person’s job who’s charging for playing the music while a live band gives a whole performance for a unique experience.  

Why should you go for live wedding band? 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, choosing a live band for your wedding signs you up for certain additional perks which include,  

  1. The better sound quality. A live performance can’t be compared with a speaker playing recorded songs.  
  2. The ability to adjust the sound and liveliness of the song according to the interest of the guests. The singer can adjust the tone and maybe add special effects to the songs to meet the energy demands of the moment.   
  3. The sound of live music brings a unique liveliness to the evening.  
  4. It will make the overall function a lot more memorable than if there was just a speaker playing songs. 

How much an acoustic wedding band cost? 

How much an acoustic wedding band costs depends on a number of factors including their demand, their location, the number of musicians and sometimes, the time of your wedding. It does not have to cost a lot to get live music. If you can’t afford a renowned band, you can go for a college band that has performed at some wedding in the past. You can also try for a discount if you have some friends who had a band play at their wedding. But, whatever band you choose, make sure you see a video of their live performance before signing them for your special day. Do not rely on a studio recorded album.  


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