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An Intro To Bridal Shopping

Techniques for Boutique owners 

If you’re going to have a wedding in upcoming days and your shopping is due, it might be helpful for you to know the right shopping places. Since a city like Melbourne is full of Bridal Shops Melbourne, it is important that you know how to filter. Following are the facilities or the techniques that are only used by experienced boutiques that should be first on your list of shops-to-visit. 

First of all, the boutique should be well equipped with technology. This includes their catalogue and their information on the trendy gowns. The staff should have complete knowledge related to the bridal shopping. Secondly, there should be less paperwork. From appointment scheduling to selling the dresses, the boutique should have a complete digital system. This also saves a lot of customer’s time and it makes it easy for the customer to keep a record. Some stores even use catalogues to show the available stock instead of using magazines and actual dresses.  

A good bridal shop maintains a social media page so make sure the boutique has one and if they do, do check the rating to know about their previous dealings. You can also get a glimpse of their work through the page.  

Mistakes to avoid when shopping for wedding 

Once you’re done with the list of shops, it is time for you to note down the common mistakes girls make during this time of their life.  

  • Don’t shop too early or too late.  

The right time to start shopping for wedding dress is about 16 months. This will give you plenty of time to have your research about the latest fashions as well as about what suits your body. If you delay shopping more than this, you might not have enough time and shopping sooner than this will create trouble in fitting of the dress.  

  1. Don’t take too many people with you on your bridal shopping. Take only close friends or relatives that are really close to you.  
  2. Don’t cross your budget. Before you go shopping, get a clear estimate of your budget and then stick to it no matter what.  
  3. Do not impulsively buy the dress. Take your time. See if it suits your body and then go for it.  
  4. Lastly, take a camera with you if the store allows and take pictures in all the dresses that you try. Do not buy impulsively.  

Dos and Don’ts of Bridal Shopping  

Since people have been getting married since forever and every time a couple gets married, they later recall some of the things they should’ve done and some things that they shouldn’t had. We’ve gathered a few dos and don’ts of the wedding shopping. It is best that you keep these on fingertips to avoid regrets later on.  


  • Match your dress with the theme of your wedding. This includes the location, the decoration and any theme that you might have decided for the wedding. It is better that you at least get an idea of the wedding ceremony before you finalise the dress because selecting the dress according to event will be lot easier than arranging the event according to the dress. 
  • Often the most neglected part of the wedding dress is your footwear. Surprisingly, this neglected accessory holds great significance in deciding whether you’ll have a fun comfortable wedding or a can’t-wait-to-home wedding. So, it is very important that you not only pick the shoes that go with your dress, but also make sure they are comfortable for the big day.  


  • Go for the tradition or the fashion. Be absolute sure about what complements your body and wear accordingly  
  • Dress too casually. In the attempt to dress with simplicity, don’t make the mistake of going ‘too simple’. 
  • Wear a long train if you’re having wedding at beach. The sand will ruin the dress.  
  • Wear too much jewellery. Keep it elegant.  

Final Advice from the expert  

Summing it all up, bridal shopping can be really frustrating and exhausting so it will be a good decision to take time and decide the people you’re going to do this with. Don’t go for too many people, just 2-3 close friends or relatives that will make this stressful period easier for you.  


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