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Are You Ready With Right Marketing Metrics For 2017?

If you are engaged in multiple projects like me, you need to make use of right tools to get ready with the right marketing strategies for 2017. It helps to focus on right things and neglect the less profit and unimportant things for your business.

The following points will help to analyze the performance of your company and adopt right strategies to grow faster to reap huge rewards:

  1. Traffic Attracted by Blogs

Around 78% of the businesses will utilize the website traffic in determining the effectiveness of the content campaigns in 2017. However, if you simply focus on the traffic alone on your blog, you will not be able to get actionable insights.

You need to dig deeper into the traffic and find the content on your site that has attracted more viewers. It helps to get the right information and make suitable amendments to your site to publish relevant useful content to engage the users.

  1. Number of clicks

The content is not developed using high-quality writers simply for fun. It has the aim to engage the readers and convert them into potential customers. Therefore, the main aim of developing useful content is to publish and improve ROI.

If you notice a drop in clicks at a certain stage, the content may be reaching the wrong audience. It is necessary to make certain changes to attract the relevant readers only. Therefore, targeted writing is necessary to improve click through rates and boost ROI.

  1. Social Media Reach

How many businesses are giving importance to social reach to boost market share? Social sharing is very important in measuring ROI. However, digging into vast data is not advised for ROI. You need to just look at the engaging posts and make improvements where the user interest is fading.  You can focus on more interesting posts and use techniques to convert them into important customers. It increases business opportunities and boosts revenues as well.

  1. How Much Time a User Spends on Your site?

How long a user stays on your site should not be criteria for measuring traffic to your site. You need to find how long a user spends on each individual post. It tells you how better and interesting is the content on your site. If a user spends more time on a particular post, you have done a great thing. However, a lot of things like entertaining graphics, compelling content, videos and so on are responsible for increasing the spend time of the user. If the engagement is declining on your site, it is time to check the source of the traffic. If the traffic is coming from a particular link and you are matching with the intended content of the reader on your site, the traffic will increase. If the promised content at the source link is not available at your site, the traffic dwindles. It is necessary to get the right audience from right high PR sites. Therefore, you can make necessary changes to your content and links to attract the right audience to boost organic traffic and improve sales.

  1. Analyze source of the links

You need to find out the source of the links to your site. You can make use of the Google Analytics to know which of the campaigns are delivering positive ROI. Links can come from sources like direct traffic, email marketing, paid social ads, paid search, referral links, offline campaign sources and organic traffic (SEO Services).

You need to analyze the links that are delivering highest traffic. However, the high traffic from some of the links need not deliver expected ROI. Therefore, you need to find the links that are directing users, who are being converted to potential customers.

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