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Everything You Need To Know About Proper Eyelash Care 

We all have heard this common phrase that the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyelashes are the curtains for them. While we most often take this as a joke and say it in good humour, there is no denying the certainty and truth to it. Whoever’s mind gave birth to this idea had a point though. As subtle and light they are, eyelashes can change the way your eyes look and can have a major impact on your appearance. It is simple; if your lashes are healthy and full, your eyes will look inviting, bright and clear. This is why, we all want our lashes to be lush and thick because our eyes are what attract people the most, and who wouldn’t want them to look good? On the other hand, beware that if you don’t take care of your eyelashes and maintain them, you can end up having a dull and tired look that you dread. Your eyes, lashes and the surrounded area are sensitive, so you need to take care of it not only to look refreshing and beautiful but to keep your eyes healthy as well. If you are on a watch out for some tips to keep your lashes fuller and healthy, here are some of them to help you out.  

Clean Your Makeup: 

We all rely on mascaras to define our lashes and to make them look prettier. However, many of us ignore to wash it off properly by the end of the day or even if we do, we carelessly scrub it off. What we all need to learn is that eyelashes, just like our normal scalp hair, can also dry and become brittle if they are not taken care of. This can lead to breakage, hence resulting in your lashes falling off. Thus, it is necessary that before going to sleep, you must wash off your face, but before that, use a product that scrubs off your mascara completely. Since some mascaras are waterproof, you must clean them off with a makeup remover and an organic oil first. If you are really a mascara person, you can always give your lashes a definite look by opting for pre made fans eyelash extensions from renowned places like Rebel Gold. You won’t have to apply mascara necessarily, and your lashes will definitely get the look you were craving for.  

Avoid Fake Eyelashes: 

Though there are world-known brand which are now making lashes, there is no need for you to opt for them. There are so many ways through which you can achieve naturally voluminous lashes that we wouldn’t recommend you taking this shortcut. We agree that fake lashes give you a thicker look without the need of doing makeup, but the lash glue that you apply has harmful effects on your REAL lashes. The glue is full of strong chemicals and applying it often to the base of your actual lashes, weakens them from the roots. Moreover, when you take them off, you can also accidentally cause your real eyelashes to fall off. That is absolutely horrendous for the growth of your natural lashes, hence it would be better if you opt for eyelash extensions if looking attractive is your end goal. 

Follow Lash Care Routine: 

You must follow proper lash care routine, if you want them to look full naturally. Take a clean and soft mascara wand, and brush your lashes daily before heading out. Be careful, don’t be harsh and don’t overdo. You will be able to get the mascara look without actually applying the mascara. Also apply castor oil, petroleum jelly or coconut oil to your lashes before sleeping. Rinse them off in the morning. You will start to see the result in the form of naturally long and full lashes within two to three months.  

Eyelashes have an impact on how you look, hence you need to be patient and attentive to them. Eat food rich in vitamins, give a break to mascara every now and then, and do not rub off your eyes impatiently. It is highly important that you are sensitive and subtle to one of the most important features you have been blessed with. We are quite sure that the tips mentioned above will help you do just that.  


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