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Here Is A List Of The Best Jewellery Boxes Available In Australia 

Australian women have been very fond of latest jewelry and its trends, which could range from wearing bold statements, vintage looks to owning layered pieces, natural pearls, hoop earrings or chandelier earrings; their vault is always up to the minute. Once you get accustomed to the local lifestyle of the chic & trendy woman then owning and storing ornaments becomes necessary, especially, for those who are jewelry aficionados.  

Luckily, there is a wide variety of jewelry boxes available in Australia, which could be just as per your preferences and needs. Also, when you are searching for your perfect jewelry box, there’s a fair possibility that you would feel nauseated or bombarded after seeing too many choices and types of white jewelry box Australia, up for grabs. Considering the hassle, there are enlisted different types of jewelry boxes along with merits & demerits so you could make the best and aware decision about your spending.   


The jewelry box can be differentiated based on materials being used, sizes, classification of compartments and security mechanisms. However, an ideal jewelry box has to be a universal solution to all your storage related worries and woes. For this, it is important to have the deep understanding of different types of jewelry caskets, available in the market. 

Here you go. 

Hinged Jewelry Box 

It’s a small to medium-sized storage box with a hinged lid. It’s the most common type of box, usually placed on the dressing table or drawer. It is easily available in Australia to store one’s small collection of jewelry or a large collection of the same type of jewelry, in various compartments. Whatever the rationale behind your choice is, you should always ensure that it’s as per your desired size-requirement.  

Jewelry Armoires 

Best option to store an extensive and large collection of jewelry. These are usually placed on the floor and could go up to 3 feet in size. These have multiple drawers with hooks & sub-compartments of different sizes so you could accommodate your jewelry precisely.

Wall Jewelry Box 

These are used to place on the wall just like a notice board; and, tend to be sleek in design. They have multiple compartments to store bracelets, chains, rings and other ornaments separately. You can get this jewelry casket if your collection is of medium size. Another advantage of these wall hanging armoires is your collection stays untangled, organized and easily accessible.  

Travel Case Box 

These are used to store a small number of jewelry pieces while travelling. Most of these are available without the mirror, however, few of them also features mirrors inside the lid. The Jewelry box is usually compact in size as compared to other ranges; also, making it travel-friendly.    

Musical Box 

These are now getting obsolete due to their limitation to usability. However, if you have a very specific collection of jewelry or charms then these can be used to serve the purpose at hand. They also come with a figurine that spins with the sound of music while adding more to its attraction. 

Ring Box 

As the name suggests, ring boxes are used to store a wide collection of rings. It comes very handy for travelling and securing your own collection. The inner of these boxes are usually lined with linen or silk-like fabric in order to protect the jewelry from tarnishing & scratching off. Having a ring box along with a proper jewelry box Australia would be an additional ease for storing & protecting your jewels.   

Wooden Carved Box 

These are mostly used to give an aesthetic vintage look to any dressing table. Apart from that, you can store a really small collection of jewelry pieces in it, anything of sentimental value. The outer side is carved beautifully while inner side is of plain wood. It also has, not more than, two or three compartments of smaller size for storage purpose. 

Velvet Jewelry Roll 

These are leather rolls, which are enclosed in cylindrical form to form a pouch-like shape. Again, these too, are travel-friendly and used to carry small pieces in a modern jewelry box. 

So, whatever your requirement is, you can now choose precisely according to your need. Above Mentioned are the most commonly available types of the modern jewelry storage in Australia to choose from. However, variety should not hinder your process of picking up a right case to store jewels. One more thing to note here is that no matter which box you choose to fulfil your needs; there has to be a proper organisation of jewelry in it else there’s no point of keeping a jewelry box in your possession. Lastly, do not forget to keep your casket clean and tidy intermittently because, at times, you hit a jackpot just by rummaging and cleaning through your old pieces of jewels.

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