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Let Us Help You Restore Your Figure!

The mummy makeover is construed as one of the most favoured operations undertaken by the cosmetic surgeon Melbourne. The process involved comprises a merger of cosmetic breast surgery liposuction and abdominoplasty. It has been drafted to rectify the changes that occur normally with your pregnancy or after childbirth. You must be abreast of the knowledge that in the course of pregnancy and breast feeding the size of the breasts increases. Following pregnancy and the breast feeding multiple scenarios could be anticipated by you. In some situations, the breasts may not regain their original size and in which case the breast reduction procedure may be required. On the other hand, there could be a setting that your breasts may shrink back to their previous dimensions but could have extra drooping skin and therefore may need a breast life. Then there can be those patients who would experience reduced volume and so shall go for the augmentation of their breasts while others would be having a sag and loss of volume and would be deemed fit for both the breast augmentation and the breast fit. Your abdominal wall is also expected to have an impact. It becomes stretched there could be found useless dangling skin, stretch marks, and weakened muscles.  

The aforementioned condition will ask for abdominoplasty, mini abdominioplasty or abdominal wall liposuction. In addition, you may frequently undergo a surge in fat accumulation at their hips and thighs and this condition shall require the process of liposuction. You may note that there are multiple merits to performing these procedures in the form of an amalgamation: 

  1. Improved overall result. 
  2. Lowered cost. 
  3. Single recovery. 
  4. Increase in your self-esteem. 
  5. Heightened self-image. 
  6. Net up gradation in the quality of your life. 

In view of the aforesaid the mummy makeover Melbourne has earned the reputation of being one of the widely popular surgical interventions currently performed within the context of plastic surgery. In short the mummy makeover embraces the two major procedures of breast lift and the tummy tuck. It is just probable that you could decide to go for the breast life along with the implant. 

The tummy tuck would focus upon that loose skin lying on the left of your abdomen. An incision would be carried out below the bikini line and thus the loose skin would be pulled so as to tighten it. In case you have had your abdominal muscles separate during your pregnancy then they could be tightened by your plastic surgeon in the course of your mammary surgery. You should hold before you the actuality that you may respond to pregnancy in way different to that of other ladies and keeping this distinctly in view your plastic surgeon would have for you the treatment plan specifically tailored for you!! 

You must be thinking about the surgical fees involved in your mummy makeover! Prior to getting a precise answer to this understandable question from your side please pay due attention towards the following factors for a while:  

  1. The operating time involved. 
  2. Complexity of your case. 

In continuation of the above, please note: 

  1. The Number of nights in the hospital 
  2. Anesthetist cost 
  3. Hospital bed and theatre fee 
  4. Cost of implants, if you undergo breast augmentation 
  5. Extent of after care and the follow up appointments. 
  6. Compression garments 
  7. Post-operative scar treatment
  8. GST 

You could find variation in the price variation between the surgeons which take into account the following elements: 

  1. Experience and Academic qualifications
  2. Career cycle of the surgeon
  3. International Surgeon
  4. Reputation of the surgeon
  5. Complexity of your case
  6. Aftercare and follow up
  7. Duration of aftercare
  8. Minor revision
  9. Recommended combination of surgeries for you
  10. Location of the practice and access to other health facilities
  11. Hospital costs

This written account of the mummy makeover would hopefully assist you during your decision making process prior to reaching a conclusion in this regard. It is envisaged that you would take such a responsible decision about yourself that would be grounded in realistic analysis of the merits and demerits of the mummy makeover, your keen desire and your budget at the least. It could be that the rejuvenation you experience after you have had your mummy makeover that drastically fills the cup of your life with delights you never expected.


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