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Perks of Using Calico Bags For Retailers & Manufacturers


The rise of globalization and blurred geographical lines across countries have made it easier as well as imperative for a major chunk of retailers and manufacturers to operate in an international environment. This has not only increased the market size for many companies but has also made the overall competition stiff and tough at the same time. This very reason has made businesses vigilant about their marketing strategies and tactics in order to steer ahead of its competitors. The efforts are not only focused on digital and online marketing but also in being socially and environmentally responsible while creating a brand image with positive attributes. The easiest way out for retailers and manufacturers in such situations is to opt for the cotton bags as a part of its promotional gimmick in order to portray a responsible image while taking advantages of the many perks that these calico cotton bags bring on the table for them.  

There are many vendors in Australia who have been dealing in cotton bags however it is important that you work with someone who has been offering top quality products without any adulteration in material and feel. AlBury Enviro Bags has been doing a great job in this regard by providing top quality products to its client to serve their promotional needs. They source the material from the specific origins in order to not compromise on the gist of the calico bag. There are certain ways in which manufacturers could gain advantage from such bags in terms of promotions, such as: 


One of the best perks of using calico bags for promotional purpose as these can be utilized as mini billboards to promote the image of your business. These bags come in various styles and textures, making it viable for businesses not in terms of cost but reach as well. Its texture tends to be very conducive for printing as well as it comes in different styles. Hence, clients carry it with pride and fondness. Other means of promoting your business are either short-lived or cost too much to reach as many people.  

Eco-Friendly Nature 

Calico bags tends to be environment-friendly; in the recent era, there’s a huge wave going on in favour of using eco-friendly products. Aussies are very skewed towards it and considered a major proponent of the cause. These promotional cotton bags do not only fullfil this requirement of being eco-friendly but these can be reused every time and again as well. Goes without saying that the use of plastic bags tends to be very harmful to the environment which causes major damages on the other hand, too. When we use these bags we do not only save the environment but also safeguard the marine life from landfills and pollution. 

Durable & Long Lasting 

Calico bag Australia tend to be very durable as you can put heavy stuff in it and it will remain fine. This very feature makes it long lasting in terms of usage as well. Customers are happened to be very satisfied when served with these bags and hence, come up with lesser complaints comparatively. It is the sturdy nature and heaviness of the material which has made it easier for the bag to work for a longer time period without any wear and tear or damage. 

Multiple Options 

Another important thing about using calico bags during promotional campaigns or executions is that they come in varying styles and sizes, so you can satisfy the needs of your clients and target market as per their specific profiles and needs. Gone are the days when one size fits all used to work, today there is an era of personalization and customization, people prefer to use those promotional products which give them pleasure of affiliation. Therefore, it is imperative that you take care of the clients demand while getting your cotton bags prepared for promotional purposes.  

It is up to the company that what kind of calico bag it wants to incorporate in its promotional strategies, whether it would come with a handle or not, would gusset be there or not, the texture would be more sturdy or lesser. These are the important considerations which will impact on the final outlook of the bag, therefore, seek consultation from an expert vendor in this regard. 

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