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Platinum Wedding Rings: The Perfect Choice

Make an informed decision 

When it comes to wedding rings there are many choices in front of you including gold, white gold and platinum. Choosing the design and the gem stone comes next but the most important part is the metal that you want for the jewelry. There are different pros and cons of the metal that you will select and your decision will also be affected by your personal preference and the budget that you have but what’s important is that you make an informed decision while choosing something that you will likely wear for the rest of your life. In this article we will give you a few reasons as to why platinum wedding rings are the perfect choice for your special day.  

White Gold or Platinum 

Some people may argue that you should go for a white gold ring as compared to a platinum wedding ring because they both look the same and white gold is cheaper. Well the fact is that gold naturally occurs in a light yellowish shade and to make it pure white several other metals have to mixed in it to make a white alloy. While this compromise the integrity of the metal another problem is also associated with white gold rings. These rings will lose their bright white color over time and they will start becoming yellowish again. To make sure that you wedding ring stays the same you will have to take it to the jewelers for constant maintenance over its lifetime to make sure that it looks the same as it looked when you first bought it. As compared to this platinum naturally occurs in a bright white color. This means that when you get a wedding ring made out of platinum there is no need for maintenance to restore the natural hue because it won’t fade or change color overtime.   

Why platinum?  

Another important factor to keep in mind is the fact that platinum is has amazing pliability. When it comes to jewelry this is a very important property and something that jewelers have learned to take full advantage of. By using platinum, you can make some of the most amazing and complicated designs that cannot be made by using traditional metals such as silver or gold. Since silver and gold are less pliable as compared to platinum there is a limit to complexity of the design that can be made using these metals. When you choose platinum wedding ring for yourself and your partner you can select some of the most fashionable and complicated designs. There are so many different designs that you can choose from when it comes to platinum rings and if you don’t like the premade designs you always have the option to order any customized design. Another thing that should be mentioned over here is the fact that all the designs available in gold or any other metal can be easily made in platinum but not all the designs available in platinum can be made using white gold, gold or silver.  

Benefits of Platinum Ring 

Platinum is 25% heavier than gold, this means that it is significantly more durable than other jewelry metals. With more weight and density, the rings made of platinum will weigh more but they will also be strong and won’t damage easily. Platinum is also 95% pure when it is used to make jewelry as compared to gold that is only 75% pure for 18K gold ring. This means that when you get a platinum wedding ring you are getting more precious metal as compared to a gold or any other metal ring. While this will increase the price of the ring it also means that you are getting something that is actually purer and more valuable. Another amazing quality of platinum is that it does not have any kind of allergic reaction to the skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic. This means that people who have sensitive skin and have allergic reaction to gold jewelry can very easily wear anything made out of platinum. When a gold ring is scratched or dented you actually lose the precious metal. It has also been seen that gold rings tend to flake off over time after several years of use. A platinum ring will also be dented or scratched after years or use or when it hits any other strong surface but the difference is that no actual metal is lost. A dent in any platinum ring will only change the volume of the metal and no actual metal will be lost. All of these reasons combine to make platinum rings far superior to the gold, white gold or silver.  

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