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Romantic Ways To Spend Your Anniversary In Melbourne

So, you’ve met the love of your life and it’s almost time to celebrate your first anniversary together. Whether you’re celebrating a year to the day that you officially got together as a couple or your big day becoming husband and wife, Melbourne is a great location filled with several amazing romantic things to do. With so many great ways to show your love and affection for one another on this special day, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice in this city. So, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Melbourne-based romantic activities that you’re sure to remember fondly forever.  

#1. Private Wine Tasting Tour: 

For the best winery tour Melbourne, head to the Yarra Valley, where you’ll find much more than just a tour company waiting to show you the best wines in the area. With knowledgeable, local tour guides who are passionate about both their local area and their wines, you’re sure to enjoy a day opening up your senses to the amazing customs and culture. For an even more unforgettable five-star experience, why not arrive in style with Chrysler limo hire Melbourne 

#2. Gaze at Romantic Artwork at the Heide Museum of Modern Art: 

With three interesting exhibition spaces and a huge 15 hectares of gardens filled with unique and stunning sculptures, the Heide Museum of Modern Art is the perfect location for any art-loving couple to celebrate their special day. Explore the various modern art exhibits and check out some of the most romantic ones on offer. After your tour around the museum, stop off for a bite to eat at the cute Café Vue at Heide, where you’ll find superb coffee and a selection of tasty pastries, along with seasonal dishes made from home-grown produce at lunch time.  

#3. Romantic Venetian Gondola Ride: 

Maybe Venice is slightly out of your budget, but you can enjoy just as much of a romantic experience right here in Melbourne. Along the city’s Yarra River, you can find a number of awesome gondola packages, including a one-hour Champagne Cruise where you and your love can enjoy a complimentary bottle of French champagne and a romantic red rose, or go all out with the one-hour Romance Package, including a bottle of sparkling wine, gift-wrapped chocolates, and a whole bouquet of stunning red roses. Book your cruise for the evening to make it even more romantic with a gorgeous sunset view.  

#4. Watch a Romantic Open-Air Movie: 

If you love watching movies together, then why not make this into a romantic anniversary date by heading to Melbourne’s Shadow Electric, or one of the many other open-air cinemas in the city. At the Shadow Electric, which is the only cinema in the world to be set inside a convet, you’ll find a selection of movies to suit everyone’s taste from independent arthouse screenings to documentaries, Australian films, and blockbuster titles. Other popular open-air cinemas in Melbourne include the Sun Theatre and Astor Theatre.  

#5. Visit the Shrine of Remembrance: 

For a low-key yet hugely romantic date idea, you really can’t beat a sunrise visit to the Shrine of Remembrance. Located on St Kilda Road in Kings Domain, the Shrine was built between 1927 and 1934 and now serves as a memorial to all Australians who have lost their lives in battle. The sunrise views have wowed thousands ever since.  

Which of these ideas would you enjoy the most? 


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