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Sophie – The Giraffe 

What is a Teether toy? 

A teether toy refers to any object (or toy) that a child uses to bite during the teething period. Most babies start teething at the age of 4-6 months. Chewing toys can really divert the child’s attention from the pain from growing teeth. There are many teething toys available. There are teething rings, teething toys, teething jewellery and other forms of teethers for the children. The most popular choice is usually Sophie giraffe. Why children like it so much might never be understood, but it’s good to know the details about it. 

History of Sophie Giraffe  

Starting with the history, Sophie giraffe was first created in France in 1961. It got its name from the feast day of Saint Madeline Sophie Barat. It has reached a national icon status in the country where it was first made, France. It has had tremendous sales of about 816,000 items sold in 2010 and the number is only increasing with each passing year. The number of sales have crossed the number of babies born annually.

Sophie’s fame is not restricted by the borders. The toy is in great demand in other countries as well, including the United States where it experiences a very high demand. It even appeared in a Hollywood movie, Three Men and a Baby, back in 1987. It has shown great sales on Amazon, making it one of the best-selling products on Amazon. In 2009, the giraffe was even given the title of ‘Product of the Year’ award by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. One prime reason for its success in America is its eco-friendly material and its safety for the kids. However, in 2011, a consumer magazine in Germany reported that the toy violates the health safety requirements for containing nitrosatable substances about 0.781 mg/kg while the safety limits restrict the usage of nitrosatable products up to 1mg/kg.

How is it made? 

The all-popular Sophie giraffe is a gift of Monsieur Rampeau, an expert of transforming latex from hevea tree into a toy using nothing but rubber moulding. It was Rampeau who first came up with the idea of designing the giraffe that was going to be the first choice for hundreds and thousands of children to come. Sophie the giraffe is not just any toy. It has been perfectly shaped and colored for a child of this age. The selection of a wildlife figure is not a random choice, but a well-thought decision. Moreover, the size is perfectly customised to fit comfortably in a child’s tiny fingers.  

Sophie’s success is not a product of high-tech marketing. Instead, its fame has grown over the years through the word of mouth. Generations of children have been using this toy during this particular stage of growing up. Its squeaky voice is loved by children of all regions. The actual recipe of making this toy is still a secret. Except for the prime ingredient i.e. rubber derived from latex from Hevea tree, there’s not much shared by the company. Vulli, the manufacturing company also shares that it takes about 14 manual operations to get a product of Sophie the giraffe  

Why every kid likes this giraffe so much? 

The reason kids are crazy about this 7.5 inches tall vanilla scented toy is quite a mystery. Although the toy is perfectly sized to fit in the child’s tiny fingers and the pupil-less eyes perfectly resemble the blank expressions newborns have, but that can’t be the reason that generations of kids fall for the exact same piece of toy. The toy does isn’t proved to have any physical or psychological benefits for the child yet somehow it is what every parent wants for the child. Until now, the only reason that makes sense is its perfect shape and colour and most importantly, its soft texture.  

Mould in Sophie Giraffe 

Some parents complained about mould growing in the toy. This is because it has a small hole for it to be squeezable. The child breaths in the hole and also there is the saliva so that fulfils the two requirements of mould. There also the concern related to cleaning the toy. However, the company clarifies all such doubts by explaining the cleaning process that is mentioned on the packing. Moreover, the company also shares that their top priority is child’s health and they will never be using any substance that is dangerous for the child’s health. 


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